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Top 5 Reasons To Visit Philippines


Situated at the extremely eastern edge of Asia, the Philippines enjoy more than 7,000 stunning islands, which are populated by welcoming locals and many aboriginal tribes. From unspoiled beaches and awe-inspiring natural wonders to remarkable historic sites and never-to -be-repeated experiences, Philippines are home to exciting things which are best reasons to visit Philippines.

1. Banaue Rice Terraces

No trip to the Philippines will be considered as a whole lacking a visit to the spectacular Banaue Rice Terraces, shaped from the mountain ranges almost 2,000 years ago with no modern tools by the Ifugao tribes. These splendid farm terraces look like gigantic steps making an entrance to the sky. Still Local people cultivate rice and vegetables on the terraces, though increasingly young Ifugaos are not interested in farming and immigrating to the cities.

2. Donsol

Donsol is sited in the province of Sorsogon. It is a perfect spot of spectacular waterfalls, pure beaches, and unexplored caves. Additionally, the quiet fishing village of Donsol is place where you can see whale sharks in the Philippines. The ocean's calm giants can be seen during November and June, with the numbers hit the highest point between February and May. You can too arrange a boat sail by the side of the Donsol River all the way through mangrove and palm trees, and be jaw-dropped by the night light up by millions of sparkling fireflies. If you still want more, enjoy a customary shrimp-catching outing with bamboos and nets, arrange tasty dinner by yourself.

3. Boracay

No doubt, Boracay is a tiny island, but it holds enormous features including striking resorts, award-winning beaches and thrilling adventures as cliff diving, motorbiking, parasailing, snorkeling, kite surfing, scuba diving and horse riding. What's more, it offers boat tours allow tourists to look at stunning sunsets, discover volcanic caves and isolated coves of greenish-blue lagoons. At the time of sun sets, Boracay night-life throbs with lots of bars and restaurants presenting tasty and fresh sea foods, and fabulous drinks and fun until dawn.

4. Puerto Princesa Underground River

Puerto Princesa Underground River is a paradise for nature lover's, located on the northern coast of the island of Palawa. It's most prominent feature is unspoiled landscapes bursting with wildlife, this charming town also rightly claims to be one of the world's most idiosyncratic natural phenomena, an underground river well-known as the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River. Secluded inside a national park, this natural speculate is the world's longest negotiable underground river.

5. Chocolate Hills

One of the most visited tourist attractions in the Philippines, The Chocolate Hills are extraordinary geological arrangements that is made of at least 1,268 individual mounds spread all over the inside of the island of Bohol. The more or less balanced and same-sized formations vary from 98 to 164 feet high and are roofed by green grass. Throughout the dry season the grass appears like brow, so the name. There is no single conclusion on how these giant mole hills were shaped. One theory tells that the Chocolate Hills are the weathered rock structures of a kind of aquatic limestone on top of an resistant layer of clay.
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